Someone who devours uncontrollably

>>The lady
Katherine. California, non-organic, non-grass fed. Obsessed with food and doodles. Cooks like a mad scientist in the kitchen, & shoots with great aim...with a camera.


Food Photography, Videography, & Recipe Development

>>The camera
For brands looking to feature their product in recipes or food photography, contact me below. Scroll through my previous work below, or click here to check out videography examples and more of my work.





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Quarantine with Protein

protein-packed recipes less than 6 feet away


>>The book
After all that we've been through, Quarantine with Protein is the cookbook you need going into 2022. These recipes were curated with the full essence and wrath of 2020 that will get you through anything. Have your muscles withered away during shelter-in-place? Have you lost track of your nutrition in that crazy year and looking to clean up your eating (without having to eat rabbit food)? Are you... still stuck at home even now? This is what Quarantine with Protein is about- Balancing nutrition and indulgent recipes.

This isn't just for those who want to get yolked. If you don't want muscles bursting through the seams of your quarantine pajamas, that's totally fair. These protein-packed recipes help you make the most out of your meals to meet your fitness and nutritional goals. Recipes provide fun, delicious, and new ways to get more protein into your diet. Even if 2022 means no more meat shortages, finding new ways to incorporate protein into your diet means less room for the other junk....without sacrifing pancakes and pasta! This is not a liquid-diet protein shake book, and this is not a restrictive diet fad book. It's just about food (and the quarantine life of a few cartoons).

Whether you'll need to go through desperate measures to travel this year or not, at least you won't have to jump through hurdles to eat well with these recipes. Whether you're in a pandemic or not, these recipes will help you maximize your protein intake for any dire situation, be it more meat shortages, lockdowns, just being too lazy to go outside, or the endless cycle of having to feed yourself day in and day out.


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